Paula Awali Secondary school girls dropout in Tanzania

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Paula Awali Secondary school girls dropout in Tanzania


school dropout and relationship to HIV/AIDS in Secondary schools in Tanzania. Secondary education has major problems in Africa especially the matters relating to girl child. This book shows how education sector is over concerned on other factors that cause schools ?dropout with minimal emphasize on effect of HIV/AIDS which is detrimental to African education and development although it has been catered for in the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs). This is a good platform for harmonizing and redesigning the recommendations in education and health sector in order to achieve the MDGs) The cause-effect of dropout and HIV/AIDS has been well analyzed with reference to Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania, East Africa. This book aims at evaluating the factors contributing to girls? There are high rates of schools dropout due to various reasons that eventually disorients the girl’s education.

Книги Издательство Махаон Маруся ещё вернётся

А. И. Новиков, Т. Солодкая Теория принятия решений и управление рисками в финансовой и налоговой сферах Учебное пособие

Shakespeare, William Alls Well That Ends Well

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