G. Machender Hydrgeochemical Studies of Major Fluoride

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G. Machender Hydrgeochemical Studies of Major Fluoride


The Peninsular region where it is represented by Archaean Granites, and Gneisses and occasionally schists and veins of pegmatite, quartz and epidote. The area is a chronic fluoride zone causing Fluorosis since the rocks having the fluoride and fluorine bearing minerals. It is high time to investigate to understand and to establish the role of geo-environmental hazards on health issues. It has to be addressed to high light the health hazards related pollution by the effluents from industries, mines, fertilizers and pesticides besides natural/geological causes, It is well known, higher exposures in many tropical lands where Fluoride, Lead, Arsenic, Mercury and other heavy metals is found in excessive quantities in the drinking water have had devastating effects.As in the case of some... Keeping in view.The studies on role of Geo-environment in health problems/hazards was initiated three decades ago but no substantial work was carried out so far since it require inter-disciplinary studies.

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