Fabian Armendariz Strategy and Technology Driven Change

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Fabian Armendariz Strategy and Technology Driven Change


Among the findings are structural consequences, as well as co-evolutionary processes taking place among organisational entities in the system The topic was found to be of particular importance in the healthcare sector, due to a phenomenon which is currently driving change in organisations all over the world: the electronic health record (EHR). A number of ICT initiatives are examined as implemented towards the enhancement of efficiency and quality of healthcare services with a scope that goes form policy making at the European Union level down to clinical departments inside a major teaching hospital. This book reports the findings of an exploratory study into the mechanisms at play when organisational processes are modified due to the introduction of information and communications technology (ICT), and the implications such changes could represent for strategy.

О. В. Гриднева, Л. И. Кулешова, М. Р. Мегрелидзе Гражданское право. Часть 3

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