E. Gopi Co-operative Movement in 20 th Century

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E. Gopi Co-operative Movement in 20 th Century


During the last 105 years of their existence, credit co-operatives have diversified manifold in terms of their membership, deposits and working capital, area and purpose of operation and have striven to extend their outreach from credit and banking related activities to production and marketing activities. introduced the Single Window Co-operetive Credit delivery system (SWCCDS) in 1987 with a view to make available of all the credit services of farmers at single point i.e Primary Agricultural Credit society(PACS).This book studies the performance of Credit Co-operatives in India for the period of 1961 to 2009 in general and in A.P.in particular after introducing the SWCCDS,Identified the major problems and suggested suitable measures. The modern co-operative movement in India started with the enactment of Co-operative Credit Societies Act in 1904 which is aimed at extending credit services to the poor. In Andhra Pradesh, The Govt.

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