Ben Burroughs Sketches: A Study In Poetic Moods

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Ben Burroughs Sketches: A Study In Poetic Moods


Rather in words that are so eloquent in their simplicity and graceful in their flow, he presents to us a??emotional recollected in tranquility.a?? Through his warm. More than seven decades have passed since Ben Burroughsa?? appears in sixty-eight newspapers and is followed my millions of readers throughout the world. This is not a poet who hides his meanings and demands we seek them out. poetry first appeared in a Philadelphia newspaper. The explanation lies in the very nature of Burroughsa?? How can one account for such a phenomenon? Perceptive understanding, the beauty and grandeur of daily living are reveled. Wordsworth tells us this is the true definition of poetry. The impact of his talent-completely lacking as it is pretentiousness- has been so great that today his daily a??SKETCHESa?? What... verse, for he is truly a poet of the people, a disciple of sincerity, one who can capture the magical moments that imbue us all with a deepened insight into lifea??s mysteries.

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